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Detail Services


Professional Hand Wash & Detail Center


#5 Express Polymer Wax


The Works included!
Beautiful Microfiber Polish!
Synthetic Wax Bonds up to 4 mos!
Quick! – about 20 Min more!
#6 Express Carnauba Wax


The Works included!
100% by Hand Microfiber Polish! Finest All Natural Carnauba Paste

#7 Express Wax



The Works included!
Quick Beautiful Microfiber Polish Takes only about 20 Min more!

#D Deluxe It


*only $10.00 more


Exterior Blue Dressing (reg. $9.99)
Wheel Magic (reg. $9.99)

*Cars Only – Prices Vary with Size and/or Condition of Vehicle

…did you know we use the best products out there, such as Meguiar’s and Blue Coral?


#8 Ultimate Detailing

basically Everything!


Complete Detail included!
Trunk Compartment Cleaning Complete Showroom Finish!

#9 Complete Detailing

both exterior & interior


Luxury Detail included!
Deluxe Detail included!

Great Package Price!

#10 Luxury Detailing

interior detailing


Works plus Blue interior included!
Carpet Cleaning Carpet Fabric Protection Leather Detailing Upholstery Shampoo Upholstery Fabric Protection

#11 Deluxe Detailing

showroom exterior


Express Polymer Deluxe included
Old Wax Removal Light Oxidation Removal Light Tree Sap, Bug & Tar Removal Exterior Buff, Polish & Wax

*Cars Only – Prices Vary with Size and/or Condition of Vehicle

Hand Wax & Shine (no wash)
Premium Liquid Wax
Natural Carnauba Paste Wax
Synthetic Wax Polymer Sealant – guaranteed for 6 months!
Showroom aka “Spiderweb” Custom Detailing
$200.00 per hour
Leather Interior
Leather Conditioning (4x) with Lexol
Leather Conditioning (4x) with Creme
Leather Detailing (1x)
Leather Detailing (4x)
Complete Interior Detailing
Engine Compartment
Top & Bottom
Carpet (no wash)
Carpet Fabric Protection
Carpet Shampoo
Upholstery Interior
Upholstery Fabric Protection
Upholstery Shampoo (1x)
Upholstery Shampoo (4x)
Complete Interior Detailing
Trunk Compartment
Trunk Cleaning (clean, dress)
Trunk Detailing (clean, dress, & shampoo)